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30+ essential sales statistics to know (with sources)

July 21, 2023
Duncan Elder
All you need to optimize your sales process.

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The basics of selling has been the same for decades, if not longer: just find suitable leads who you can sell their product to.

Of course, the tactics are changing drastically all the time. The internet changed the sales journey immeasurably, with prospects having access to more information then ever before. This increased data access also benefits reps, who have all the information they could possibly need about the people and companies they sell to.

The most recent change is the switch to remote work and selling. The pandemic and the switch to out of office work means salespeople have had to get used to selling without ever meeting their prospects. While this could seem like a challenge, the latest sales statistics suggest that sales are finding success.

This web page is a list of all the sales statistics you could possibly need. Use the search bar to find specific stats or simply browse the list to find the ones you need.

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